Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Birthday Presents

A few weeks ago I attended an awesome homebirth. It was the second homebirth I've attended with this family. Through out the birth we chatted about homeschool and the co-op they were a part of. Her doula that was also there was a part of this co-op as well. As I was getting ready to leave, the mom told me there was a gift for me in the closet. A few weeks prior the co-op had made these fantastic preschool activity kits and she had made one for me for attending her birth! So thoughtful! My kids just love it and it keeps them busy for hours. Each activity is in its own ziplock bag with directions. Most of them the kids can do on their own. I kinda wish I would have saved it for after baby number three when I needed a quick game to keep them busy. Oh well! Hopefully it will still be fun in six months!
Ethan working on matching patterns and textures.

Here is Adalyn working on sorting beads and putting them onto pipe cleaners.
Yay for easy, creative activities!


Jamie, Mark, and Xander said...

What a thoughtful gift. Here I just had a kid, but I have a present, haha, that is so kind.

Meredith said...

so sweet of her! i'm very pro homebirth, (my mom had few of us at home) and i was home schooled off and on as well. this post made me smile big time girly:)

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